technology Welcome to the Kuna School District Transportation Department. The Kuna School District continues to grow, and with this growth brings constant changes to all of the District's departments including Transportation. This portion of the District's web site is dedicated to providing the latest news and information concerning District Transportation.

Contact Us

(208) 922-1013

Transportation Supervisor:  Brenda Saxton

Lead Dispatch/Routing:  Yvonna Bocci
Special Needs/Dispatch: Helen Morris
Dispatch/Trip Coordinator:  Brandi Wurtz

Lead Technician: Kelly Stephens

Technician: Rod Canoy

It is important to provide the information you need when you need it. If you need additional information or support please use the District Feedback Form as another way to directly pass information back to us.


The Transportation Department is located in the District Support Services building located at 711 E Porter Rd, Kuna ID 83634.

 Department Policies

The current agreements and district Transportation Policies for the current school year are listed below.


Routes for 2018-2019 School Year!!